Things I Wonder - Vol. IV
   Souped 10:12 PM
   Hold Me Closer Tony Danza
   Souped 3:38 PM
   How to: Ultimate Nacho Plate
   Souped 9:19 AM
   Aniversario Feliz al Taquito
   Souped 1:39 PM
   Recipe: Flaming Blue Jesus
   Souped 10:50 AM
   Dead Celebrity Interview: Henry VIII
   Souped 9:45 PM
   Flick, We Salute You
   Souped 6:15 PM
   Souped 9:33 AM
   Survey: The Best Captain
   Souped 10:34 PM
   Things I Wonder - Vol. III
   Souped 9:55 PM
   Movie Pick: Viva Knievel!
   Souped 7:25 AM
   Also a Client
   Souped 7:00 AM
   Dead Celebrity Interview: Jane Fonda
   Souped 4:26 PM
   How To: Toss a Midget
   Souped 10:40 AM
   Fish Watch: Week II
   Souped 7:02 AM
   Recipe: Flaming Dr. Pepper
   Souped 6:42 AM
   Things I Wonder: Vol. II
   Souped 7:10 PM
   I Want to Look Like Kenny Rogers
   Souped 10:52 AM
   Match Game '75
   Souped 12:49 AM
   Movie Pick: Boondock Saints
   Souped 5:09 PM
   Things I Wonder - Vol. I
   Souped 1:10 AM
   Interview: Abraham Lincoln
   Souped 11:58 AM
   07.21: National D-Day in Japan
   Souped 12:29 PM
   Billy Mays: The Ding King
   Souped 7:59 AM
   Still Haunts Me To This Day
   Souped 1:34 PM
   Porkins: A True Legend
   Souped 1:29 PM
   Movie Pick: Breakin'
   Souped 9:44 AM
   To be 11 again
   Souped 9:32 AM
   TV Today Sucks
   Souped 9:44 AM
   Fish Watch: Week I
   Souped 9:31 AM