Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Jesus is my DJ

*Shameless Plug Warning*

We here at BaconSoup are close friends with Socratees.org It's a T-shirt website that features off the wall Tees. Take for example the shirt Jesus is my DJ. Now first off, who would not love to be in a dance off (preferrably a breakdancin' one) with Jesus in their corner. Thing I love about DJ Yahweh or the MC Messiah is that he literally has two turntables, and a microphone.

Socratees tells us that the Jesus is my DJ shirts are selling like Hot Cakes. And that they would love to see someone wearing that shirt. So if anyone out there has bought a Jesus is my DJ shirt. Take a picture of yourself wearing the DJ shirt (or any other SocraTees you may own) and send it there way.

Email them: photos@socratees.org

*plug over*