How To: Voodoo Doll
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   Fish Watch: Week VII
   Souped 7:35 AM
   Top Ten: Album Covers
   Souped 12:39 AM
   Souped 8:54 PM
   Jesus is my DJ
   Souped 7:57 AM
   Things I Wonder: Vol. VI
   Souped 7:52 AM
   MILF: Brady Bunch Style
   Souped 10:04 AM
   Fish Watch: Week V
   Souped 7:39 AM
   Survey: Best Mime
   Souped 8:26 AM
   Souped 2:48 PM
   Mego Breakin' Tribute
   Souped 7:06 AM
   How To: The Windmill
   Souped 7:33 AM
   Dead Celebrity Interview: Peter Jennings
   Souped 3:20 PM
   Tito, Hand me a Tissue
   Souped 8:43 AM
   Fish Watch: Week IV
   Souped 8:22 AM
   Things I Wonder - Vol. V
   Souped 4:25 PM
   Souped 3:58 PM
   Six Pack Coming to DVD
   Souped 9:31 AM
   Recipe: Flaming Jew
   Souped 12:34 AM
   Fish Watch: Week III
   Souped 9:42 AM